Another "take my laptop apart and hope it works" post

So my laptop is around 3 years old, no surprise that things are going to start breaking. All of the sudden one night, I realized a few keys weren't working. H, Y, 6, /, and = specifically. As a temporary solution, I was copying and pasting the missing letters but that was getting way old quick, and it turns out Macs have an on screen keyboard you can use to input keys via clicking them.

This was pretty annoying, but much better than copying and pasting individual letters. In my ongoing quest to wring as much life out of this computer as possible, I decided to buy a replacement keyboard and install it myself. Finding one proved really difficult since most Macbook Pros are nearly fucking identical. Some have minor differences and whatnot, and it didn't help that the exact model of mine was scratched off on the bottom. 

I sort of took a gamble with this computer parts website based in Hong Kong, and ordered a keyboard on the 1st of this month. Just received it a couple days ago.

There's the new one sitting on my laptop. Turns out it's not the exact same keyboard, but there's no way I was going to wait 20 more days for another one.

So you start off slowly as always, by taking the battery out. As a sidenote, my battery can't hold a charge longer than 3 minutes so it's pretty much dead weight.

If you see a screw anywhere, you should probably unscrew it. This will help in the taking-apart process.

You have to pull the top case off and disconnect that ribbon from the motherboard, be very careful. 

Pull this black shit back, this is the back of the original keyboard.

There are a few annoying tabs keeping the keyboard in place. They are a little stubborn so I recommend using a barbeque fork to bend them up.

So after that, you disconnect a few wires and the keyboard should pop right out. I hadn't taken pictures of the rest of the process because it's pretty much identical to everything I did except in reverse, so here is a picture of what it pretty much looks like now:

Success. To celebrate my productivity, skillfulness and frugality, I baked three french baguettes.

You can find the recipe on the King Arthur Flour website if you're really into the idea, but I must warn you: it involves making a starter, letting it rest overnight and then a bunch more bullshit you have to go through. It's worth it in the end though.

Merry Christmas folks.