Hustle Blood

Context is important. You need to consider the context in which a piece you make will be presented, or the context a statement you make will be in. Since starting this daily portrait project, I've noticed I feel a lot more free and loose with the things I'm making. Maybe it's because I set myself a loose guideline for what's being posted, which is basically just a portrait. I'm able to use that format to experiment and try to be bolder. It seems to be beneficial, I don't have as much anxiety about making mistakes.

Back to the topic of context. If I didn't have this project going on, I would have to think long and hard about posting this portrait online because the subject matter is unusual for me. I just watched a documentary about MS 13 on Netflix tonight, and I wish those guys had some community centers to go to. Maybe play some racquetball.

I do like how it turned out though, and I learned a bit more about controlling wet media. Diluting acrylic paint is sort of like high school chemistry class... solute and solvent, and how to manipulate the solution on paper.

It's late.