Snappin Shots

Just got a Nikon FM10 off eBay for a great price. I went through 2 rolls of Fuji Film. It's fun using a camera where everything is manual, hoping to get rolls of b&w film and do my own developing. Here are a few winners

Out My Window

Decided to take some footage outside my windows, due to having nothing better to do. Then decided to do something with it in After FX. Went through Itunes looking for the right song... think I picked a winner. Here is the end result.

Ink Test

Just experimenting with inking, scanning and coloring. Started with a quick sketch in my sketchbook. Finding out about the nuances of black ink on vellum bristol board. I probably would prefer smooth, and a blacker ink. I found this particular brand on, called "Noodler's Heart of Darkness". Seems to have been met with great reviews, but I can't justify spending that much on a bottle of ink. Higgins Black Magic will do for now.