Round 1

I didn't give up on this font.  I think it's too condensed for me to consider making lower case characters. I may just make numbers, fix the "S" and call it a display face. Or trollface.
So much for typefaces inspired by The Hills.

Another "take my laptop apart and hope it works" post

So my laptop is around 3 years old, no surprise that things are going to start breaking. All of the sudden one night, I realized a few keys weren't working. H, Y, 6, /, and = specifically. As a temporary solution, I was copying and pasting the missing letters but that was getting way old quick, and it turns out Macs have an on screen keyboard you can use to input keys via clicking them.

This was pretty annoying, but much better than copying and pasting individual letters. In my ongoing quest to wring as much life out of this computer as possible, I decided to buy a replacement keyboard and install it myself. Finding one proved really difficult since most Macbook Pros are nearly fucking identical. Some have minor differences and whatnot, and it didn't help that the exact model of mine was scratched off on the bottom. 

I sort of took a gamble with this computer parts website based in Hong Kong, and ordered a keyboard on the 1st of this month. Just received it a couple days ago.

There's the new one sitting on my laptop. Turns out it's not the exact same keyboard, but there's no way I was going to wait 20 more days for another one.

So you start off slowly as always, by taking the battery out. As a sidenote, my battery can't hold a charge longer than 3 minutes so it's pretty much dead weight.

If you see a screw anywhere, you should probably unscrew it. This will help in the taking-apart process.

You have to pull the top case off and disconnect that ribbon from the motherboard, be very careful. 

Pull this black shit back, this is the back of the original keyboard.

There are a few annoying tabs keeping the keyboard in place. They are a little stubborn so I recommend using a barbeque fork to bend them up.

So after that, you disconnect a few wires and the keyboard should pop right out. I hadn't taken pictures of the rest of the process because it's pretty much identical to everything I did except in reverse, so here is a picture of what it pretty much looks like now:

Success. To celebrate my productivity, skillfulness and frugality, I baked three french baguettes.

You can find the recipe on the King Arthur Flour website if you're really into the idea, but I must warn you: it involves making a starter, letting it rest overnight and then a bunch more bullshit you have to go through. It's worth it in the end though.

Merry Christmas folks.

Obsolete Technology

I found this on my external drive while cleaning some files up today. I think it was for a typography class project, but I never got to use it. I still like the way it looks, and though nobody really needs them anymore, typewriters are always going to be a pretty amazing relic. A nostalgic blip on the timeline of human communication. 

That's All She Wrote

I guess I learned a lot. Good for me



Final Stretch

The Things You Choose To Be

Pete the Madman

I'm back in the swing of things. Veronica Mars playing in the background makes working that much better.

Gimme Somethin to Roll

Ran out of canvases.

Bummer. Should have been more aware of my inventory

No time

Falling a couple behind. Here is where I spend some of my time:

Hustle Blood

Context is important. You need to consider the context in which a piece you make will be presented, or the context a statement you make will be in. Since starting this daily portrait project, I've noticed I feel a lot more free and loose with the things I'm making. Maybe it's because I set myself a loose guideline for what's being posted, which is basically just a portrait. I'm able to use that format to experiment and try to be bolder. It seems to be beneficial, I don't have as much anxiety about making mistakes.

Back to the topic of context. If I didn't have this project going on, I would have to think long and hard about posting this portrait online because the subject matter is unusual for me. I just watched a documentary about MS 13 on Netflix tonight, and I wish those guys had some community centers to go to. Maybe play some racquetball.

I do like how it turned out though, and I learned a bit more about controlling wet media. Diluting acrylic paint is sort of like high school chemistry class... solute and solvent, and how to manipulate the solution on paper.

It's late.

Neutral Gray

It took me an hour and 20 minutes to find a parking spot last night.


It seems mostly my sketches have more character than a piece I tried to finesse. I think I will chalk this up to my lack of experience working with acrylic paint.

31 Portraits in October

This will be a much needed exercise in self-discipline. I'm going to make a portrait for each day of the month. If I don't succeed, I will certainly feel crummy about disappointing all three people who visit my blog.

Mostly I'm doing it for the satisfaction I hope to feel at the end of this whole project. I'm planning on experimenting somewhat with styles and techniques, but overall trying not to stress over individual portraits. Instead, I am focusing on the end goal, and being able to see the difference and improvement (if any) after making all 31.

Using a blog as the format for a daily regimen isn't anything new - Meryl Streep and Amy Adams starred in a movie about this very subject in fact. Once you do a thing enough times, it becomes habit, and feels less like a chore. I've been drawing since I could hold a pen and as fickle as I am, it remains the one thing I constantly feel compelled to do. Often I feel as though I don't do it as much as I would like, so that leads to personal disappointment. I'm trying to take baby steps to rectify this problem... we'll see how this turns out.

October is the best month of the year anyway so why not.